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Keeping old cars young

Staff writer

Farmers and commercial vehicle owners know it is important to keep your high mileage vehicles in tiptop shape, to prevent costly breakdowns.

Barry Webster, owner of Webster’s Auto Service in Marion, said the easiest way to make vehicles last, even after 100,000 miles is by doing regular maintenance.

“Those who follow a regular maintenance schedule are the ones we see with their cars lasting the longest,” he said.

Webster especially warns drivers to keep an eye on fluids for cars with lots of miles.

“Leaks tend to happen with older cars because their parts have seen more wear,” he said. “It’s important to check fluids often, especially oil. Not doing that is the downfall for most vehicles.”

Doug Regnier, co-owner of Marion Auto Supply, agrees drivers can increase the lifespan of their car by performing regular maintenance.

“As long as you keep up with maintenance vehicles will run a long time without much trouble,” he said.

He recommended drivers drive carefully with vehicles with higher mileage.

“Don’t hot rod,” he said. “No jackrabbit starts and stops.”

Last modified Sept. 12, 2013