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Peabody-Burns Kindergarten

Santa, can you come tonight? I want a Hello Kitty Clippy, a Dora play set, and a Tinkerbell necklace. Could I have a TV? Could I have hair stuff? I want a toy Santa, Sanne, and the reindeers. Thank you.

Jozelynn Weerts

I want a model rocket that can fly. I would like a parachute on it so it won’t break.

Thank you,
Christopher Spencer

I want a throw rocket that has speed on it and fire out the back. I want a boat that has batteries and can float on water.

Andrew Reynolds

I want a My Little Pony collection. I want a Hello Kitty movie. I want Fairies and a little bitty house. I want a Hello Kitty tent. I want Hello Kitty Book and a dinosaur. I want a candy cane necklace and a Hello Kitty watch.

I love Santa Clause,
Bianca Orsak

I want a necklace and bracelet for Christmas. I want a toy horse, a dolly, a desk, and a toy rainbow.

Chrystal Johnson

I want chalk, a cup, bowling ball, a TV, a pencil, a marker, an apple, a map, a ball. I would like a crayon. I would like a swing.

Briar Hood

I would like to see Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. I would like a trailer with a red truck. I want a Jet Pack. I want a screwdriver for my dad, Legos for my brother, and a horse for my little brother.

Cade Gossen

I want a Barbie and a flashlight and green soap, and a jump rope and a camera. I am going to leave you a picture of me and my family.

Angelina Fistler

I want a car that is my size that I can ride in. I want a race track with a remote control car. I want a fake bunny rabbit that is holding a carrot. I want an ice cream machine, water machine, and a pop maker.

Leyton Coover

I want puzzle pieces. I want a train and train tracks. I want a rocket for Dad. I want a truck for Dylon. For my sister a Toy Story book, a ring for my dad. I want a car for my mom.

Thank you, Santa!
Harley Buchanan

My name is Maddy. I want an electric scooter, and a desk, and a toy kitchen set. I kinda really want a pink, sparkly pinwheel. I want to give you some red, shiny boots. I would like to know, what do reindeers eat? I think I will leave some hay for them. Merry Christmas to you, Santa.

Maddy Blythe

I am Ava. How do you get your reindeers to fly? What I want for Christmas is a play kitten that eats and another kit I-pad. And a new baby doll that eats too. I am going to leave you chocolate chip cookies by the table. By, Santa, see you soon.

Ava Faith Case

My name is Charlie, I have been good this year. I would like a phone with games to play on it. I want a dirt bike, too. Please say hi to the elves.

Charlie Blunck

My name is Jance. I want to see you. I want to tell you that I want Legos like my cousin Ashtin has. I really like the bumble bee Lego and I want a Batman suit, and Batman house, and a Batman car. This is really important, that I love you, Santa! That is it. Merry Christmas, Santa.

Jance Adam Christian

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