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Riding mowers make life easier

Homeowners love extensive, lush, green lawns. But the elbow grease that goes into tending to the landscape is far less beloved. One task that routinely causes bouts of procrastination is mowing the lawn. But riding mowers can change the way homeowners view mowing the lawn.

Traditionally, mowing the lawn has been a task largely handled by homeowners pushing walk-behind mowers. Whether these mowers were powered by gasoline, electricity or simply human power, they were the type of mower that was generally the most popular and most affordable.

Individuals had different features they could consider in their mowers, including horsepower and the size of the deck. There were also mowers that could bag or mulch. Despite these features, homeowners with a particularly large back or front yard -- or both -- may have found lawn mowing to be tedious work. Those who have yards of almost an acre or more often find riding mowers to be an efficient method of mowing the lawn, and one that also does not require as much effort out in the sun.

A riding mower’s cutting deck is in front, while a lawn or gardening tractor’s cutting deck is mid-mounted, which is how they differ. Lawn tractors also may be able to accept other landscaping attachments. A riding mower is more maneuverable than a tractor, particularly for landscapes that may have trees or planting beds.

Cost is the one thing that may deter some homeowners from a riding mower. While a walk-behind mower could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars and up, riding mowers generally start at $1,000 and may be as much as $10,000, depending on the extra features, like cruise control and cup holders.

However, some find that what riding mowers lack in affordability, they make up for in convenience. Plus buying a riding mower may pay for itself in savings on landscaping services over the course of one to two seasons.

As with any lawn tool, it’s important to note that riding mowers are not toys and they should not be handled by children, nor should children be allowed to ride along while mowing.

Last modified March 22, 2012