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Tampa council approves new building

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Tampa City Council approved a bid from Craig Bell for the erection of a 1,200-square foot building for $16,300 including materials and labor. The building will be used to store city and local rural water district equipment.

Paul Backhus reported the water district has agreed to pay a $100 monthly rent for use of part of the building. Backhus said the water district would pay the extra cost required to install a door larger than specified in its section.

Sewer manager Don Beisel reported the sewer pump is worn out. He recommended getting a sump pump similar to those used by Ramona and Florence. The consensus was to consult the sewer manager at Florence and invite him to meet with the council.

County commissioner Dan Holub was present. He was asked about striping the roads south and east of Tampa. He said the county will add chip and seal to those roads next year, so they have decided to do the striping later.

“We decided not to spend eight grand and cover it up a year later,” he said. “We will do it after the chip and seal.”

Among the bills approved for payment were $3,369.13 for street signs, $200 for putting up Christmas lights, and $160 for cutting down a dead tree in the park.

Last modified Dec. 12, 2012